11.5 in Multi-Color Floral Talavera Bordeo


Talavera Bordeo style pot,-medium size – 9.5″ in diameter, 7.5″ high perfect size for small arrangements on table top. Hole in bottom for drainage. Indoor or outdoor use. Full painted finish. Lead free. Handcrafted in Mexico.

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Add beauty and charm to your home décor with this handcrafted Mexican Talavera Octagonal Planter. Talavera is a traditional handmade technique that dates back to the 16th century and represents a style known as “Majolica.” This particular design comes from authentic artisans in Mexico who embrace the classic form while adding in contemporary style. Rich in vibrant colors and designs, this flower pot with an 10″ diameter is the perfect addition to your indoor or outdoor space. This pot features a unique and colorful design with a fully painted finish.This vase, which stands 10″ tall, is great for small plants. This planter can be placed on a table top or on the ground, and comes with a drainage hole for easy maintenance. Made with durable, led free materials, this pot is sure to withstand the test of time. Enhance your decorations by placing this accent piece of pottery in your home or in your outside living space!

  • Features

-Colorful and unique

  • Product Details

-Material: Ceramic

-Planter measures 11.5 in. Dia. x 9.5 in. 

-Drainage Holes: Yes


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